LAHORE - Governor Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has said that worst terrorism is going-on in Held Kashmir. People of Kashmir are asking where is OIC and UN. They are also asking why human rights organisations are silent.

Prime Minister Imran Khan is fighting the case of the people of Kashmir in an argumentative manner.

He was talking to different delegations at Governor House on Monday.

He also tweeted and said that Dogra forces killed 22 Kashmiris on July 22,  1931 to curb the right to self-determination of people of Kashmir. Narendara Modi is also following footprints of Dogra Rulers but he will also fail in suppressing the voice of people of Occupied Kashmir.

Modi is following way of Hitler, but he will miserably fail. 22 crore Pakistani people are standing with people of Kashmir.

In order to bring peace in region, Kashmir issue must be resolved as per UN resolutions

Governor Punjab said that India has deployed one million Army in Kashmir and has made Kashmir a militarised zone in the world.

He said that 344 days lockdown in Kashmir is the worst ever lockdown in the world. In order to bring peace in the region, Kashmir issue must be resolved as per UN resolutions.

He said that Pakistan was standing with Kashmiris and Indian Muslims and would not leave them alone come what may, adding that Pakistan was raising voice for them at every global forum. Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan and now it is time that Muslims play an effective role collectively in ridding the Kashmiris and Indian Muslims of Modi’s aggression.

Governor Punjab said that the Prime Minister Imran Khan is aptly arguing the case of Kashmir on all forums.

Pakistan on every level is unveiling injustice and atrocities in Kashmir. He said that India will never be able to silence activists in Kashmir.