ISLAMABAD    -          Juice lovers have long mused over how to adorn their favorite flavor — from the garnish to the type of glass. Now they’ve turned their attention to the humble ice cube. It is a trend set by the smartest juice or milkshake lovers, fanatical about what some call the most crucial ingredient of all. After all, why spend money on delicious smoothie, and mix it with precision, then finish it with something that looks like it was prized off a pack of frozen peas? From rocks to spheres, shards to icebergs, there’s a large array of ice shapes to choose from nowadays, each suited to chilling — or diluting — different types of drink to enhance the experience.

Here, the drinks expert Helen McGinn reveals what is cool this summer. Remember, the water you use should be fresh (top mixologists even select signature mineral waters) and the ice should be kept in the freezer before serving — letting it sweat in a bucket will dilute your juice very quickly.