ISLAMABAD               -        The religious seminaries across the country are holding their annual exams with strictly following SOPs in all 2116 examination halls established for the exams.

According to the official data, over 0.3 million students including girls and boys have been taking part in the exams held across the country under the banner of Wifaq-ul-Maddaris Arabia.

As per details shared by the officials of Wifaq ul Maddarris, a total of over 1400 teachers have been given the responsibilities of holding these exams within the given time frame with fully following SOPs fixed by the government for the gatherings.

Meanwhile talking to The Nation Chief Administrator of the Jamia Muhammadia Islamabad Maulana Abdul Qudous said that thousands of students amid the Covid-19 were taking their exams following all SOPs.

He said that due to Corona outbreak, the Wifaq-ul-Maddaris Arabia had arranged all possible arrangements for the students and the examination halls were being established in open halls. He said that many quarters within media were criticising the religious places for spreading Covid-19, which was a wrong perception. The government, he said, had itself admitted that mosques and religious seminaries were the only places where precautionary measures were being adopted fully.

To a question Maulana Qoudus said the students were strictly asked to use face masks and gloves otherwise none of the students would be allowed to sit in the examination hall.

It is pertinent to mention here that religious seminaries had started conducting their annual exams strictly observing SOPs from July 11.