MULTAN              -          Pakistan has greatest demographic opportunities for development in the world and it could only be achieved with adequate investments in education and skills of youth harvesting the fruits of long term capital development.

Dr Ma Jainfu from University of China expressed these views while speaking at a webinar on World Population Day organized by Women University here on Monday.

Another guest speaker Dr Waheed Iqbal said that increase in population took its toll on the economic resources of a country. For instance job opportunities shrink, increasing unemployment in the society.

 “The situation may lead towards lawlessness and anarchy,” he apprehended.

Syed Muzaffar Hussain (University of Malaysia) said rapid population growth was a major challenge for many countries and the situation was likely to get worst if urgent action was not taken.

Speaking on the occasion Women University VC, Dr Uzma Quraishi said World Population Day 2020 focuses on multiple challenges of social and economic health that people across the world were facing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Population is a great asset but at the same time if we do not utilize its potential properly it can become a liability.” She said that population control is our collective responsibility.

She added that balance population and resources are important for a durable development.

Prof Farzana Akram, Dr Komal Niazi , Mohsin Rasool  and Farhana Kanwal  also expressed their views.