This letter is addressed to the federal Minster of Education and the Chairman Higher Education Commission Islamabad. It was funny to see the criteria of Lahore School of Economics (LSE) being changed for MBA and Ex-MBA students. Lahore School of Economics now demands a candidate to have a 3.0 GPA to be admitted to it MBA program. The irony is that everyone is aware that most LSE students are children of industrialists/politicians and people with money. It was touching to see that students from institutes like FAST and NUST and other such competitive institutions not being able to qualify for admission in LSE. We know very well that academic environment at these institutions is rigorous and having to secure a GPA of 3.0 means you are constantly on your toes during the academic session. In case of LSE, on the other hand, their four years Bachelors program has been shrunk to three years. I don't know how these LSE students fare in the 1st year of their MBA program. How do the students of LSE are deemed to have completed HEC's criteria of 16 years of education? . It is observed that in undergraduate courses the standard of education is not up to the mark but the students still get a high GPA. -SALMAN KHAN, via e-mail, June 1.