Recently, the US jets have bombed Mohmand Agency killing at least 27 including a major. Pentagon has not wasted time in claiming the hot pursuit attack as Legitimate. Besides attacking the Mohmand Agency, the US jets have also attacked South Waziristan Agency and the subsequent claim by Washington despite a strong protest from Islamabad raises a very pertinent question in the wake of the cooperation being extended to the US in the War on Terror. This is not the first time that the US forces have violated Pakistan's air space, killing innocent people, including women and children, by attacking wedding parties and madrassas in the tribal areas and then brushing aside the whole dirty episode by tendering a formal apology on the pretext that the incident was a mistake. There are reports that the US has agreed to provide substantial assistance of US $7 billion to "ally" Pakistan over a specific period. This fresh assistance is in lieu of Pakistan granting landing rights to the US jets initially in the tribal areas and later on throughout the country in search of Osama bin Laden and the militants. These reports are quite disturbing and belie the claim of Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani, on the floor of the National Assembly, that the sovereignty and independence of the country would be safeguarded and preserved at all costs. These reports need to be clarified; contradicted at the earliest by the official quarters in Islamabad at the highest level to remove any misunderstanding as to what happened in Mohmand Agency and South Waziristan Agency the other day. Unfortunately, the US administration believes that their forces have the legitimate right to strike inside Pakistan or any other country in " hot pursuit." And how the US is treating Pakistan over the years is by doling out millions of dollars in the form of assistance for rendering all sorts of services. This is further substantiated by the Federal Interior Minister and former Sindh Governor Lt General (retd) Moinuddin Haider, in a TV interview that was aired on a private channel. The retired general disclosed that as many as 600 Pakistanis have been handed over to the US during the last eight years quite discreetly under the directions of none other than the president. Musharraf became an active ally of the US in 2002 when he had agreed to join the US led War on Terror in the wake of the 9/11 incidents and since then the US officials have been frequently coming here to take stock of the obedience situation and issuing fresh instructions. As a matter of fact the belated disclosure by the former interior minister not only highlights deep-rooted personified relations between Washington and Islamabad but also brings into focus the main cause of the sharp differences between the president and the deposed CJ. When the then president as COAS had imposed Emergency on November 3 last year, the country's apex court was in the midst of hearing the "missing persons" cases after taking suo moto notice. Undoubtedly, a number of missing persons were recovered on the orders of the Supreme Court but the insistence to produce more and more missing Pakistanis was becoming intolerable by the government since they had already been handed over to the US officials - on their demand. And, if the Mohmand and South Waziristan Agency incident is viewed in the backdrop of senior US army officers like Admiral Mullen then a strong reaction can be expected from the militants. And the US will be solely responsible for it. Danger bells have started ringing. Due notice needs to be taken at the highest level of the country without wasting a single moment, the nation should be taken into confidence and the peace negotiations should come to a conclusion as fast as possible.