President Musharraf has finally broken his silence and has candidly responded to the issues put forth to him by a group of senior journalists. There have been speculations that he would resign, or go into exile. These rumours were, finally, dispelled by him. All parties have been hurling abuses at him while no one has made any categorical move against him i.e. impeachment or anything of that sort. The reason is that the two largest parties cannot agree on basic terms themselves. Many issues ranging from those of the judges, to the Kargil Commission and the ex-servicemen statements were given a frank and clear answer by Musharraf. The facts themselves prove that Musharraf has nothing to hide and the political parties are only carrying out politics of victimization and blame game. This is nothing new in Pakistan. It is highly embarrassing the way our politicians behave both in and out of the Parliament, making them the laughing stock of the entire world. If they believe in removing the President then what are they waiting for? -DINA JAFFAR, Lahore, via e-mail, June 9.