The lawyers' community has vowed to save the Quaid's Pakistan. The Pakistan Bar Council's chairman Rasheed A Rizvi told media persons that the Long March will start from the Quaid's mausoleum on June 9th. The Long March is just another step to take the country to the brink. Unfortunately, the lawyers have not learned anything from Quaid's legacy as a lawyer. The Quaid was known for his honesty and dedication, which sadly the legal fraternity does not have. Mr. Rizvi has stated that lawyers are not against political parties and want to strengthen the democratic system in the country. Where were they when the so-called 'democratic governments' had made a mockery of the judiciary? Where were they when Mr. Sharif's political party members stormed the Supreme Court in 1997? The Long March in the end will just bring more chaos and anarchy. The legal fraternity should instead address the injustice faced by the common man in the lower courts where they get little or no justice at all. The common man demands justice for all, an issue which the legal fraternity has never addressed. Why has there been no reformation of the judiciary in the lower courts where the poor man's cases have been pending for decades now?  The lawyers have forgotten the maxim that "Justice delayed is justice denied".-ZULFIKAR SAEED, Islamabad, via e-mail, June 7.