How mindless and irrational an otherwise sane American can be when the subject matter is Islam and Muslims Frank J. Geoffney Jr. is the head of a neo-conservative think-tank called the Centre for Security Policy. He is famous for extreme positions he takes on anti-Muslim issues. In an article recently published in the right wing Washington Times, he has said Barack Obama should have to be considered America's first Muslim President. The ludicrous reasons that he has listed for what he himself called a 'stunning conclusion' are: (a) In his speech in Cairo President Obama referred four times to the 'Holy Quran'. Non-Muslims, Mr Geoffney insists, do not refer to Quran as 'Holy Quran'. President Obama is therefore a Muslim. (b) In Riyadh President Obama observed that he had known Islam on three continents before coming to the region where it was first revealed. The word 'revealed' in reference to Islam is, according to Mr Geoffney, a description Muslims use to reflect their conviction that Holy Quran is the word of God Almighty. President Obama is therefore a Muslim. (c) In the context of relationship between Arabs, Palestinians and Israelis President Obama said he looked forward to the day when Muhammad, Moses and Jesus (Peace Be Upon Them) join in prayers. Mr Geoffney claims that the term Peace Be Upon Them is invoked by Muslims as a way of blessing deceased holy men while the Christians believe Jesus was immortal. So he concludes that President Obama is a Muslim. Mr Geoffney need not lose his sleep over some casual remarks by President Obama. He might have used these words simply to impress his hosts in Cairo and Riyadh. Mere uttering of such phrases does not bring President Obama into the folds of Islam. For that he has to believe in what he says about Almighty Allah, His prophet (PBUH) and His Holy Book. -BARRISTER BAACHAA, Peshawar, via e-mail, June 12.