The West is so enamoured by the 'world's biggest democracy' that it ignores the scars of its face due to injustices done to minorities. The families of Sikhs who had lost their near and dear ones during the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 are still awaiting justice. The riots were termed 'state-sponsored carnage' by the citizens' committee that included India's Chief Justice S.M. Sikri and eminent jurists Fali. Because of his electoral compulsions, India's Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh (a secular showman), advised Sikhs during his campaign speeches to condone the killings of 1984. His rhetoric made no sense to the bereaved families but rather added insult to their injuries. It is now over 25 years since the Operation Blue Star. The traumatic experience has burned a deep etching in the psyche of an entire generation of Sikhs. Sikhs find it hurtful to reminisce even today that 'gallantry awards' were doled out to the army personnel in a glittering ceremony at the Presidential Palace on 25 March 1985. They also remember how young Sikh soldiers of the Ramgarh Regimental Centre (Bihar/Jharkhand) who had deserted after the assault on their holy shrine, were subjected to summary court martials that were televised. India's home minister, PV Narasimha Rao ordered Sikh soldiers to be confined to barracks. -SHER SINGH AHLUWALIA, Lahore, via e-mail, June 1.