On a nationwide TV speech, re-elected President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saturday evening he would do his best to strengthen position of Iran in the world. At the beginning, the president felicitated the nation on the august occasion of birthday of Prophet Mohammad's daughter Fatemah (as) as well as birthday anniversary of the late Imam Khomeini. He said election is an important work which indicates nation's desires and intentions and makes people ready to move towards their own high ideals and progress. Calling election as a big test, the president said, "Although we had already had good elections, but this was exceptional, because the world is forming a new politico-economic framework." "While financial, political and propaganda possibilities had been equipped both abroad and inside the country against the Iranian nation and a number of international networks with complicated methods had imposed pressure and organized a psychological war, the nation with almost 40 million participants in election created an honorable record in the world," the president said. "A big nation has big capacities and will have big achievements. A new era has started in the history of Iran and a constructive future full of honor is in front." President Ahmadinejad appreciated all people, clegymen, media persons and all those who voted for him or others and participated in creation of such a great epic. He also praised supreme leader for his guidlines and said that the level of hope in the Iranian nation is in the highest degree; hope for solving problems and removing obstacles in the way of country's progress. Ahmadinejad said people voted for programs and they show their desires, so we have to provide them with their desires. "People want problems concerning youth, occupation, and housing be solved. They are seeking justice, ending discrimination, protection of public wealth and are against special privileges for special people." "People want progress and honor for their country in all fields and they desire their country take its deserving position in the world. Although I respect political parties, the government belongs to the whole people and I don't believe in different groups with different names." "People want me to choose efficient and committed colleagues who understand people's sufferings and problems," the newly re-elected president said. "One of my big commitments before people is campaign against mischief and improving affairs." At the end, President Ahmadinejad invited everybody to cooperate with him to build our dear country.