LAHORE - Political, religious and social circles have strongly condemned the brutal assassination of Dr Maulana Sarfraz Ahmad Naeemi and his five companions in a suicide attack. They said Dr Sarfraz Naeemi was a great national asset and the country has been deprived of a person equally respected by all religious sects. They said his murder was a deep-rooted conspiracy to sabotage peace and sectarian harmony in the country. The eminent leaders of Ahle Hadith and chief of Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam, Maulana Sami-ul-Haq and Maulana Ajmal Qadri expressed their deep sorrow and grief over the demise of Dr Naeemi. They said it was a conspiracy against peace. They urged people of Pakistan to unite and undo the conspiracies of anti Pakistan and anti Islam forces. They also demanded immediate inquiry into the incident and arrest of culprits. Maulana Sami-ul-Haq said big powers were behind the murder of Dr Naeemi and they wanted to flare feud between Deobandi and Brelvi sects. Maulana Qazi Abdul Latif, Syed Mohammad Yousaf Shah, Maulana Manzoor Ahmad, Maulana Zahid-ul-Qasimi and other ulema of JUI (S) also condemned attacks on mosques and madrissas. PPP Lahore President Ch Asghar Gujjar and secretary information Malik Azhar Mughal and other office bearers expressing their shock over the death of Dr Sarfraz Naeemi and others said that Allah will save Pakistan from terrorists and punish those involved in the crime. Peoples Labour Bureau office bearers also condemned the assassination of Dr Sarfraz Naeemi. Meanwhile a condolence meeting held at Jamia Ashrafia under the chairmanship of Chief of the Jamia, Maulana Obaidullah and attended by Maulana Abdur Rehman Ashrafi, Maulana Hafiz Fazl-e-Rahim, Hafiz Asad Obaid, Hafiz Khalid Hasan, Maulana Mujibur Rehman Inqilabi and a number of scholars and teachers strongly condemned the assassination of Dr Sarfraz Naeemi. They said it was an attempt to disturb peace and flare sectarian conflict in the country. They said it was a national loss. Maulana Naeemi and his father Mufti Mohammad Hussain Naeemi visited Jamia Ashrafia off and on for consultation and Jamia Ashrafia had cordial relations with them. Kanzul Iman Educational Trust in a statement said that ulema Ahle Sunnat exposed the nefarious designs of extremists and their attacks on mosques, shrines, massacre of common people in suicide attacks and subversive activities, which are repugnant to Islamic shariah. As such they targeted these ulema and murder of Dr Sarfraz Naeemi was one of these target killings. The Trust appealed to government to provide foolproof security to ulema to prevent such incidents in future. Majlis-e-Ulema Nizamia Pakistan in a statement said that ulema-e-Ahle Sunnat are not afraid of terrorists. They will continue their mission against the enemies of Pakistan and Islam. They urged government to hold inquiry into the incident. Another meeting of Majlis-e-Ulema held at Jamia Nizamia Rizvia inside Lohari gate addressed by Sahibzada Mohammad Abdul Mustafa Hazarvi, Hafiz Mohammad Abdus Sattar Saeedi and other ulema paid rich tributes to Dr Naeemi. They announced three-day mourning at all branches of the Jamia. Rizvia Trust and Jamia Rizvia emergency meeting held under the chairmanship of Sahibzada Dr Ahmad Saeed Qadri strongly condemned the murder of Maulana Dr Sarfraz Qadri. Quran khawani was also held. Governor Punjab Salman Taseer called on son of Dr Sarfraz Naeemi, Maulana Raghib Naeemi at Jamia Naeemia and expressed his deep sorrow and grief over the incident. The Governor said it was a national loss. He said terrorists are killing people in the name of Islam. He said Dr Naeemi promoted the message of love, tolerance, brotherhood and sectarian harmony but his voice was silenced. He said the people involved in such activities are doing no service to Islam. The central working committee meeting of Tehrik Minhajul Quran held under the chairmanship of senior naib Nazim Minhajul Quran Sheikh Zahid Fayyaz said that Tehrik shared sorrow and grief of Raghib Naeemi and the people of Pakistan. The Tehrik declared three-day mourning and Quran khawani at its branches all over the world. The meeting also vowed to continue mission of Dr Naeemi.