The security forces overnight continued bombardment at the hideouts of extremists in various areas of Swat and Malakand division. According to sources, the curfew will be relaxed in Lower Dir tehsil Maidan and Adenzai from 6am to 7pm; in district Buner from7am to 7pm; in areas from Batkhela to Thana from 6am to 6pm; while, in Swat areas of Mingorah, Manglore and Charbaagh, the curfew will be relaxed from 8am to 2pm, in Barra Banda, Koza Banda and Nangolai from 9am to 2pm. The curfew will remained enforced without any pause in areas at GT Road from Dargai to Chakdrah. The clashes between the national lashkar and extremists are in progress in Upper Dir area of Doogdra.