ISLAMABAD - The war against terror has begun to add woes to Pakistans national eco-nomy as the impoverished nation had to bear an additional cost to the tune of Rs 47 billion for its defence in just one year. This marked increase in the defence expenditures has been registered since 1st July 2008, and the accumulated effect of the war on the national economy is also not known, particularly when the government is unable to unveil the time frame to win it. According to the budget estimates, total outlay announced for Defence Affairs and Services was Rs 342.914 billion against Rs 296.077 billion, thus increasing by 15.8 per cent. These estimates however do not cover the costs relating to casualties suffered by the military during the course of operations to quell insurgency in FATA and parts of NWFP including the Malakand Division. The budget documents show an increase of Rs 119 million in the expenditures relating to the Defence Administration from Rs 117 billion in 2008-2009 to Rs 128.90 billion earmarked for 2009-2010. There is also a marked increase of Rs 93.6 million in the operating costs from Rs 828.41 billion in 2008-2009 to Rs 922.19 billion in 2009-2010. Similarly the employees related expenses of the military have also shot up in a period of one year to Rs 159.4 million from Rs 990.92 billion allocated under this head in 2008-2009 to Rs.115.034 billion earmarked for the year 2009-2010. Pakistan according to the government estimates has suffered accumulated economic losses to the tune of hefty 35 billion US dollars for its role as front line state in the US-led war against terror since 9/11 terrorists attacks in the USA.