Advisor to Prime Minister on Finance Shaukat Tarin said the burden of subsidies has been removed from the budget. Addressing a post-budget conference along with State Minister for Finance Hina Rabbani Khar, he said the economy was affected by the war against terrorism, mistrust in market and low foreign investment. The adviser signaled going to International Monetary Fund once again for $4 billion, in case Friends of Pakistan fail to give help. He said there are clear indicators that economy is building up, adding to bring down the budget deficit to Rs120 billion, expenditures have been curtailed and unnecessary products were removed from imports. The growth rate remained 2 percent this year which will be upped to 3 to 4 percent, the Adviser Tarin said adding the fiscal deficit of the total budget will be 4.9 percent, the actual budget deficit is 3.4 percent, 'the budget deficit will be met with the help of friend countries. The inflation rate will come to 13 percent by the end of June and rigid monetary policy helped curtail it, he said adding inflation was brought down to 14 percent from a peak 25.3 percent. Tarin said the government paid Rs200 billion to the State Bank. The current growth rate is 3 percent that will be taken up to 4 or 5 percent next year, he added. 60 percent of revenue is generated from the manufacturing industry, which went down 3 percent reduction causing setback to economy.