LAHORE - The federal budget 2009-10 for the local people shocked by the worse security conditions and the killing of Maulana Naeemi seems to be a non-event and expressed their strong reaction saying it was only the jugulary of words to please the masses otherwise the common man was unable to bear more taxes as were imposed in the recent budget. Civil servants, columnists, poets, engineers, teachers, shopkeepers and other civilians expressed their mixed feelings commenting on the budget in a survey conducted here on Saturday. The Lahorites said that they were confronting perpetual fear about their lives, adding every civilian was feeling a sense of insecurity, as our police were apprehensive about their own lives let alone they provide protection to the masses. Columnist Khalid Ahmad said keeping in view the inflation and devaluation rates the rise in salaries and pensions was a slap on BBs PPP Charter. He said the people have to revaluate their liking and disliking before purchasing something as the government was putting more burdens on the masses. He further said the prices of vegetables and other food items have reached an unprecedented high, making impossible for the common man to prepare his monthly budget in the wake of surging inflation. Bank officer Irfan Butt said that the government was snatching the right of living from civil servant by imposing professional and income taxes providing only 1,000 increments annually. He said the common man was facing 'mini budget every after 15 days from shopkeepers, who were beyond to check and balance from the government. Engineer Naveed Sadiq said the masses had been listening to this budget from last many decades from every finance minister but the condition of the common man has never changed. He said that the government representatives were enjoying foreign visits but the masses were left alone on the mercy of suicide attackers. An educator Arshad Shaheen has said if the government give the immediate practical shape to its announcements in real sense then this budge can be termed as balance as compared to last one. Assistant Sub Inspector Riaz Ahmad said the civil servants were hopeful from government; as it was taking fruitful steps for the betterment of officers. He said recent increase in salaries of civil servant was not less than souvenir for them. Other police official including Asghar Ali, Afzaal, Munir Abbas and Shabbir appealed the CM Punjab to revise the orders of finishing allowances. Traffic warden Fahad expressing in pensive mood said that the increase in salaries was a good decision but the monster of inflation should be tackled by proper check and balance otherwise this budget was worthless for civil servants. Kazim Jaffari said that the government has wasted the time of masses by providing justification at the time of announcing this budget, adding it provides security only to industrialists. Commenting on budget, All Pakistan Local Government Workers Federation secretary general Qari Taaj Muhammad rejected 15 per cent increase in salaries and said house rent, conveyance and medical allowances were the basic demand of civil servants. He said this was 'friendly-budget for the richer only, adding the poor were dying from hunger but the government was ignoring their fundamental rights. Pakistan Wapda employees Union central leaders including SD Saqib, Ehsan Ahmad Chaudhry, Muhammad Yousaf Malik and Taoqeer Islam said that privatisation was the agenda of non-state actors and the will of our enemies. They demanded urgently revise of this decision, adding the government should create opportunities of employment for jobless persons.