MARIAH Carey only records her new album at night. The Hero singer - who is currently working on her new record, entitled Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel - is driving record producers to distraction with her refusal to work during daylight hours. Mariah wrote on her page on social networking website Twitter in the early hours of Wednesday morning: In the studio. driving the engineer crazy cos Im a control freak and once again were STARTING at 1:16 am..perfectly normal: ) The 40-year-old star posted an update two hours later, saying she was still working on the track. ES Referring to her decision to sing all backing vocals on the song, Mariah wrote: still in the studio. Hopefully Ill finish this one tonite. It has a lot of bvs and Im doing them but you know I like that mess. The star - who is married to rapper Nick Cannon - eventually decided to stop recording at about 4.15am, when she went to her kitchen to play with her dogs. It was recently reported Mariah has been gorging on calorific treats while making her LP, causing her to pile on 15lbs. A source said: Mariah loves food. Right now shes making an album and eating everything and anything she wants. She loves the curves. - ES