After Islamabad apologized to the rebel Sardars of Balochistan with the bended leg, some in Bangladesh have suddenly woke up to the possibility of harassing Pakistan under the pretext of 'past wrongs'. The fact is that accusations made in the Agartala Conspiracy case were all true; Mujibur Rehman had actually collaborated with India to destablise Pakistan. The army had no choice but to act. Therefore all the tragic loss of life that occurred in the former East Pakistan in 1971 goes to the account of Mujib, not West Pakistan or the Pak Army. If Mujib had not started an armed rebellion, nothing would have happened. When traitors wrought conspiracies like these, they should be punished. The government of West Pakistan of those days did not do so. But, then, nature took its own course and both Mujib and Indra were eliminated violently. It is time the Bangladeshis stopped harassing Pakistan. Instead, they should apologize for collaborating with enemies of Pakistan for destabilizing our country. As for Islamabad, it should publish Agartala conspiracy so that the people know the truth. -Z. ISRAR, Karachi, via e-mail, June 3.