The whole nation was literally shell-shocked after witnessing our law enforcing personnel killinga youth in cold blood in Boat Basin area Karachi on Wednesday, the 8th June. Brutalityand cruelty are perhaps milder words to be used on this incident where half a dozen Sindh Rangers got hold of a teenager and after thrashing him with kicks and fists shot him in the abdomen and legs. He was begging for his life and after being shot was requesting to be taken to the hospital. But the heartless men in uniform did not move him and he bled to death. On this incident I think even Halaku Khan or Chengez Khan must be turning in their graves.While we were still thinking of Khrotabad, Quetta incident where our men in uniform killed 5 unarmed Chechens including 3 women one of whichwas 7 months pregnant, we watched yet another incident in Karachi. The Prime Minister only condemned the incident and promised that justice would be provided after due enquiry. The Home Minister as usual tried todefend the Rangers by saying that the youth tried to snatch the rifle from the Ranger. He should be ashamed of making such a statement without going into the details. Such incidents would keep happening unless we take ruthless action against the perpetrators of such naked barbarism. We must award capital punishment to such savages who are involved in brazen extrajudicial killings. Justice demands that people involved in Khrotabad and Boat Basin, Karachi incidents should be put before a Firing Squad andgivenwide publicity on Electronic and Print Media. This punishment would no doubt stop all future trigger happy soldiers from committing such extra judicial killings. The Companyor the Wing Commanders of such savageswho apparently havefailed to inculcate the fire discipline in their under command troops must also be sacked. Thenation is in great shock and would come out of it only if the justice is dispensed within 10 days in both the cases. The long drawnenquiries and commissions bring out nothing but absolving every one from the crime. In Saudi Arabia, the criminals of heinous crimes areexecuted publicly immaterial of their nationality in no time. Many Pakistanis have been beheaded fortheir heinous crimes in Saudi Arabia and their justice system does not show any complacency. Let us make a start to stop this cruel killings of innocent people and staging fake police encounters. MUHAMMAD AZHAR KHWAJA, Lahore, June 10.