The third term victory of the Justice and Development Party (AKP), with a lead of 50.3 percent in the polls on Sunday, is the result of its impressive performance consistently maintained during its rule stretching back to 2002. These elections were at the same time a litmus test of leadership qualities of Recep Tayyip Erdogan who had diligently and most conscientiously dispensed his duties as Prime Minister. He came out with flying colours despite the smear campaign carried out in the West that tried to portray him as a fundamentalist and even threat to the secular character of the country. An evidence of how much the AKP is held in esteem can be gauged from the fact that immediately after the results were announced and the party declared as the winner, the Turkish people across the country thronged the streets. This jubilation makes it pretty obvious that the masses are happy with the governance and mainly economic reforms of the government. Indeed the figures speak for themselves. The economy grew at an impressive 8.9 percent during the last year and not only that but special measures had been taken to keep inflation at bay which had particularly benefited the middle and lower middle classes. Overall, it was an era of prosperity which can also be noted from the fact the economic managers of the AKP government were able to prevent the international global crisis from taking its toll on its banking sector. Also, it is a matter of great pride for the entire Turkish nation that the AKP had lived up to peoples expectations in minimising militarys involvement in politics and firmly consigning it to the barracks. Indeed, it is to the credit of Mr Erdogan that he put up such a good show and ruled the country so effectively that never there was any opportunity provided to the military to dare consider stepping in and taking over the reins of power. Turkey is now a political and economic power and is the envy of others in the region, which have been amazed by its rapid rise to prosperity. However, it is the need of the hour that Muslim countries comprising Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan must come forward and try to find a solution to the problems ailing the region, particularly Afghanistan, by themselves and curtail the involvement of the West. Turkey can take the initiative which would only be welcomed by the rest of the block. Also, there is no doubt that remarkable economic progress can be achieved if these countries enhance mutual trade and cultural cooperation.