This is with reference to a letter by Mr. Khurram Saleem in your Mail Box titled ''Traffic mess in Islamabad''. Since I myself am a daily commuter by car between Rawalpindi-Islamabad, I tried my utmost to find out the locality shown in the photograph published with the letter. I failed initially because rickshaws, shown in the picture,are not allowed in Islamabad. Later, on close scrutiny, it dawned that words ''Chau Burji'' wereclearly written on a sign post on the road divider The traffic mess depicted in the photograph does take place near the entry/exit check points and I alsoagree withthe very genuine demandof Mr. Khurram Saleem that there should be no check posts for the outgoing traffic. The Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), should evolve a system through their FM channel to inform the general public whenever a car/motorcycle is stolen.There would be thousands of eyes of the road users trying to locate the stolen vehicle. Same procedure should also befollowed in case of a thief/terrorist trying to escape Islamabad. MAJOR TALAAT KHURSHID (RETD), Rawalpindi, June 11.