From the murder of the first Prime Minister till the elections of May 2013, the first generation of Pakistan has been consumed by the struggle for democracy and rule of law. Democracy cannot survive without the sanctity of the ballot, with the establishment in disarray and three vital state institutions, the Supreme Court, Election Commission, Media enjoying freedom it was widely expected that ballot would be free and fair on May 11, 2013 but it was not to be. Such is the nature of the beast we have bread for six decades.My first experience of ‘lathi charge’ was at age 14 at Lahore and the last at 54 at Islamabad, that is over forty years of activism, yet as a generation we could not deliver change through ballot. It is indeed mind boggling why the three vital state institutions decided to look the other way when the nation expected them to act decisively in delivering the sanctity of the ballot. Another battle seems eminent in delivering the much needed change.DR FARID MALIK, Lahore, June 3.