Regarding drone dilemma, I don’t think this fact may have been brought to your kind notice that drones are just machines; and if we shoot them, no US loss of life will entail. Now, there is a question why Pakistan must shoot down the US drones? The answer lies in the fact that it’s not only a matter of violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. If today, the US is attacking our tribal areas, tomorrow who can stop them from targeting areas in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore? The US can easily say "sorry it was a computer malfunction, caused by a cyber attack from Iran or China".As I have already informed you in one of my earlier emails, the biggest crime of Pervez Musharraf was not the toppling of your elected government. Rather, his biggest crime was to remove the fear of a nuclear country from the hearts of its enemies. And that was the specific reason, Americans knew in advance, before launching a full-fledged bombardment on Salala post, resulting in killings of about 28 Pak Army officers and Jawans and injuring many others, that this was a gutless, pseudo and impotent nuclear power, with which they can harm in any way without any retaliation. This is proved by the Americans refusal to apologise on the incident.It's also a fact that Pakistan is no more an ally of the West; rather it’s their favourite punching bag. Further, can anyone imagine the sorry image of a nuclear power, that a country such as Afghanistan, which doesn’t even posses a regular army, attacks Pakistani forces, at will; and kills our soldiers in large numbers? All these highly aggressive and provocative acts against our country have proven to our enemies that Pakistan either doesn’t have a backbone or no self respect.This is a very dangerous situation which constantly invites aggression against Pakistan. This is also an open invitation to snatch and grab our nuclear assets without any fear of nuclear or conventional retaliation from Pakistan, on their assets in the region. The maximum they will expect is a localised resistance from Pakistan. The recent open nuclear threat from North Korea, to attack America, is a classical case study, which proves that US can ill-afford a nuclear attack. In today’s world, nuclear weapons are not for use; and are just acquired as a deterrent. Manufacturing the nuclear weapons is very expensive, but maintaining and securing the nuclear weapons are even more costly. A news item published in the daily “US, UK support for Baloch leaders shocks Pakistan, allies at UN”. This proves my stance that our nuclear status and stature is zero as far as our influence is concerned, to steer Pakistan’s foreign policy and its image. So, coming back to the main issue, we should not forget that even non nuclear nations have been preserving their integrity and sovereignty in the face of blatant aggression from the US. The examples of Cuba and Iran are evident, which also clearly proves that “one can’t be insulted more than he permits” or in other words “our respect is in our own hands”. Here, we must not forget that after Iran brought down a US drone, violating its air space, it refused to hand it over, despite severe pleadings from the US government. However, in our case it was reported in the press that our previous government, handed back the tail of the crashed US helicopter to America, which invaded Pakistan’s city of Abbotabad. Last but not the least; a great statesman is not the person who wages wars and wins but the one who achieves his objectives without waging a war. SYED NAYYAR UDDIN AHMAD, Lahore, June 10.