PML-N has come to power for the third time. Before the elections, the party made a lot of promises to the nation in overcoming the long list of problems we face. The most important after energy crises is the terrorism issue on which Nawaz Sharif has said that he is ready to talk to TTP (Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan), Imran Khan also believes that negotiations with Taliban might bring an end to this reign of terror.TTP has clearly said that they do not believe in the constitution of Pakistan or its government. The point is then how will they come to the table for talks with a government they don’t believe in? When TTP offered talks, it showed its trust in the Pakistan Army as an institution that could help them in coming to terms with the government, later on they changed their mind and named some politicians as their guarantors, TTP flits from scheme to scheme and those who do no not accept their words can’t be trusted.It is universally acknowledged truth that Taliban have violated all the past deals, so no one with any breeding can possibly sympathise with the Taliban’s unbending attitude, have the Taliban apologized for their blatant accts against the state? The main question remains, which group of Taliban will the government negotiate with as there are many factions. Taliban are not a simple entity with a defined leadership structure, they are a collection of different groups who have different ideologies. Afghanistan has concerns over negotiations with Taliban, their leaders and media believe that if TTP makes a deal with Pakistan it would start attacking Afghan areas and forces, at this critical juncture, when the foreign troops are about to withdraw, it would escalate the tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan.America also claimed that Pakistan has links with militants; this deal would prove that we have sympathy for the militants. There are possibilities that with the withdrawal of NATO forces from Afghanistan, drone strikes would decrease, but if we make peace accord with TTP, America will have more reason to continue its drone attacks on Pakistan, so as the result of these negotiations America may continue drones strikes on Pakistan’s tribal areas. If anyone advocates that if America herself is negotiating with Taliban then why can’t we. Before taking any decision Nawaz Sharif should visit the areas where operations were conducted, meet locals then discuss the situation with the commanders who conducted operations, it would force Mr. Sharif to come to a conclusion that there should be no talks with militants and his idea of peace deal will collapse like a house of cards. RAJA WAHEED ASHRAF, Lahore, May 30.