ISLAMABAD - Former Foreign Secretary Najmuddin Sheikh has said that we want peaceful elections in Afghanistan. 

We need to strengthen security on our western border not only during Afghan elections but in future as well, he said.  Responding to a question, he said it is necessary to introduce biometric system on the border despite objections of Afghan people or government.

He further said that there are chances of Dr. Abdullah Abdullah to win the elections. Analyst Hassan Askari Rizvi said that Pakistan has taken good step to strengthen security on Pak-Afghan border due to elections in Afghanistan.

He said in this way unauthorised movement on the border would be controlled.  To a question, he said that Afghanistan will have to increase communication and security on its side of the border, as Pakistan has always taken strong measures in this regard.

Responding to a question, he said that Pakistan wants peaceful elections in Afghanistan.  He said that both Afghan Presidential candidates know Pakistani diplomats very well ,therefore, dialogue with any of them would be very easy.

To yet another question, he said that the challenge for new government would be how to address the issue of Taliban and security in the country.

Former Foreign Minister Sardar Aseff Ahmed Ali said that he did not see any special measures on the border. He said Pak-Afghan relations would remain as it is until both sides remove each other’s misconceptions.  Responding to a question, he said it is premature to say about the results of the elections although Dr. Abdullah Abdullah’s position looks strong.

Legal expert Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif said that the government of Pakistan has taken a very good step to increase security on the Afghan border because it is need of the time.

To a question, he said that due to several aspects, theses Afghan elections are very important.

Responding to a question, he said that apparently Afghan Army is not capable to tackle the internal threats after the withdrawal of foreign troops.