PAT Chief Tahirul Qadri has announced his return to Pakistan on June 23, 2014 to kick off the people’s revolution. He fears that he would be killed on arrival and has already named Nawaz Sharif and a few of his close ministers as suspects, if he is assassinated. He has in the same breath asked the army to take over the security arrangements of Islamabad airport where he intends to land. What a bizarre and impracticable request, coming from the learned doctor. Does he not know that the army cannot take any such action on its own? In what capacity can he ask the army to obey him?

Remember, Gen Jahangir Karamat could not even oblige the then Chief Justice of Pakistan, who had asked for similar security, and the Gen had to politely request him to route his request through the MINDEF.


Rawalpindi, June 11.