ISLAMABAD: A unique book titled `Jin Rozon Darweesh Hwey Hum' by Sajida Jaffer, to be launched here today (Saturday), would prove as a valuable addition to Urdu literature with its thorough depiction of Malik Muhammad Jaffer as a loving father, lawyer, constitutionalist and journalist.

Sajida Jaffer is an eminent writer and she has also served as senior information group officer. The book would be a gift from a loving daughter to her father on his 100th birth anniversary and it is not merely a traditional sort of tribute but life story of a man who stood for principles during his whole life.

The book carried thoughts, memories and experiences of Sajida Jaffer for whom her father is a role model and she attributes her success in life to the outcome of acting upon the guiding principles of his father. The launching ceremony of the book would be held at National Press Club and attended by renowned literary figures, columnists and other eminent personalities from all over the country.

Talking to APP, Sajida Jaffer said that she was motivated by a prominent literary figure, Munno Bhai to share her sentiments about her father in a form of a book.–APP