KARACHI - The Cyclone Nanauk has pushed almost 500 residents of coastal Bin Qasim town into migrating from their homes.

According to reports, the Arabian Sea cyclone is too far from Karachi but still its destruction can be seen in the city as Rairhi Goth, Dabla Goth and Lath Basti houses saw three feet of water entering into their houses. Strong waves also created a 20 ft wide breach in Kaiti Bandar Bachao Dam and coastal towns like Ahmad Sholani, Ahmed Malah, Sluman Sholani, Siddiq Sholani, Qasim Malah and six other villages were inundated. Reportedly,  seawater inundated 20 villages of Thatta ahead of cyclone.

Meanwhile, Sindh CM asks Commander Karachi and DC Thatta and other institutions to remain alert.Tropical Cyclone Nanauk poses no direct threat to any coastal area of Pakistan.

 "The sea conditions along Pakistan coast may be rough-to-very-rough and some isolated rains or thunder showers are expected along Sindh-Makran coast between Friday and Saturday", the Met Office said. Khairpur duststorm: Duststorm left 10 people injured the otherday. As a result of heavy storm, 5 polls along with 11000 high-tension cables plunged while 3 feeders of Faiz Abad, Luqman, and Shah Hussain feeder have been tripped here in early hours of Friday.