Commerce, trade and industry are fundamental for the economic growth and development of a country. To make this possible, a large human work force is required; and Pakistan is blessed with an abundance of enterprising young talent. Regrettably, this talent has not been utilized, as our environment is not conducive to selecting people on merit. Jobs go to those who have contacts or are trained or educated outside the country, creating problems for the domestically educated youth of Pakistan.

The PML-N government should encourage Pakistani citizens, both at home and abroad, to develop joint ventures with foreign investors. The provincial governments may assist in this area by facilitating the provision of resources such as land, electricity, information and funds. Many small scale entrepreneurs have difficulties accessing credit financing for their business development, largely due to high interest rates. The government should encourage the banking sector to reduce the interest rates for such growing businesses. Furthermore, it should seek to expand appropriate micro credit financing to small-scale enterprises in rural Pakistan, with special focus on the development of the agro-economy.


Islamabad, May 13.