LAHORE  - Supreme Court has ordered Punjab Accountant General to release pension to 80-year old who is hospitalised in Islamabad.

A three-judge bench of Supreme Court at Lahore registry on Friday placed this order while hearing a petition filed by Amanullah, an 80-year-old retired employee of a forest department.

Justice Jawad S Khwaja, a member of three-judge bench, remarked that formalities should be shunned and petitioner should be paid pension immediately at hospital. The petitioner said that his pension had not been released despite a court’s order.

He said he retired in 1994 and the department withheld his pension owing to different inquiries initiated against him. During the course of hearing, the petitioner’s counsel told the court that Amanullah had been admitted in PIMS hospital Islamabad. He said that the court had directed the forest department to release his pension immediately but the order was not complied with.

However, a section officer told the court that required formalities had been finalised. The bench, remarked “Pay pension cheque to petitioner does not matter if the department has to hire a plane to reach Islamabad,”.

The court directed accountant general to ensure delivery of pension cheque to old man in hospital on the same day (Friday) and disposed of contempt petition.