FAISALABAD- State Minister for Water and Power, Abid Sher Al said Tahir ul Qadri is involved in money laundering.

“Tahir ul Qadri and his sons are indulged in money laundering and soon the facts will come to public on this count”, he said this while talking to journalists today.

He went on to say “We will welcome Tahir ul Qadri on his arrival in Pakistan. We will provide container equipped with all facilities in case he needs one.”

Those who talk of not accepting the constitution will be proceeded against under the constitution, he cautioned. The present coterie of politicians is a group of dengue mosquitoes and it wants to further torture the people rather than leading them to development, he said. People of Pakistan want unemployment to be eliminated from the country, he added.

He exhorted Imran Khan and his party to focus on KPK and wipe out corruption from the province. Imran Khan should join hands with the government for the sake of national development and prosperity of people rather than targeting the government without any reason.