In the 2014 budget, the salary and pension of government employees was increased, which is a commendable. This decision would certainly help overcome financial hardships in the wake of inflation. Unfortunately nothing has been done to address the financial hardship being faced by retired industrial employees, who in fact deserved more generous treatment in relation to increase in EOBI pension.

EOBI is an affluent organization with funds to the tune of billions in its kitty. Despite the fact that some financial discrepancies have come to surface, EOBI still continues to be a financially sound institution. Therefore, the government should have given priority to enhance EOBI pensions, enabling registered pensioners to overcome their social problems and their healthcare needs. Had the Board of Trustees of EOBI brought genuine increase to the notice of the Prime Minister of Pakistan and other concerned authorities, I am sure they would have approved the proposal. It is therefore the request of the EOBI pensioners to enhance their pension in the budget 2014-15.


Lahore, June 10.