This is reference to shameful revelation by Interior Minister Ch Nisar about missing personal necklace of the former Turkish Prime Minister’ Tayyip Erdogan’s wife at a reception, which she donated in aid of flood affected Pakistanis while visiting our country. The incident reflects upon the criminal mindset of few who hold public office who consider Pakistan’s assets and natural resources their right and who believe that it is fate and destiny of poor to suffer and die without getting any aid.

It is lack of nationalism, not greed because you can be corrupt and still be a nationalist, by choosing to confine wealth within the country, invest here so that not only your children live in Pakistan, but millions are provided job opportunities. How else can anybody explain such a despicable crime, bereft of any moral or ethics? This should explain where millions of dollars, donated to help victims of natural disaster just disappear. Billions of dollars have been siphoned out of Pakistan by those who consider this country ideal to rule and misgovern.


Lahore, June 11.