Pakistan is home to 415 super-rich people according to the world Ultra Wealth Report and their assets come to approximately $50 billion. Last year, there were 310 Pakistanis in the category with assets worth around $40 billion. Apparently all of these sounds good but the ratio of the have-nots has also gone up considerably the poor are offering their body’s parts for sale to get rid of hunger and arranging two meals for a family is becoming a Herculean task.

Neither any proper data nor information about the sources of the income of the super-rich is available and it cannot be, under any circumstances, claimed that all the money has been made through just and legal means. In Pakistan there are several ways to earn money and various means to evade taxes, the corrupt protect one another, be they among the politicians, bureaucrats, religious leaders all are united to safeguard their interest. After 68 years, it is a point to ponder whether our elder’s sacrificed so much to achieve a separate country, where the rich become richer and the poor poorer. A number of allegations are levelled against colonial rule, but there were no such injustices as have become the order of the day in Pakistan.


Islamabad, May 9.