I read the article ‘Degeneration of our National Values’ by Dr. Ikhlaq Hussain in The Nation and it struck me that Dr. Hussain, while wholly focused on the negative, has put the entire burden of responsibility on the government. It is true that society has deteriorated but it is not only due to the corrupt political system. He says that the fate of the people of Pakistan is in the hands of the four hundred families who have been introducing a class of politicians who are landlords, Waderas, industrialists, Sardars etc.

He also says that politics is a hobby for them and they want to protect their own interests. I think Dr. Hussain is not realising that the problems of Pakistan did not arise because of the politicians, many factors contributed to them. We all need to work together and overcome our problems. As far as values are concerned we need to, as a society, work on improving them at home and at work. We need to protect our future generations from the moral disintegration that is happening.


Lahore, June 11.