The debate on social media


Serious resolutions...

Taimoor. @taimiiSays

Replace hate with love, replace unforgiveness with forgiveness, #RamadanResolutions

Mehzabin Sneha @tanzimsneha

#RamadanResolutions I will forgive everyone!!

...with some humour.

Nαвəəℓ Қнαη™ @hyp3rfr3ak

Normal Days: He: When is Maghrib ? Me: I don't know.. During Ramadan: He: When is Maghrib ? Me: 7:25 #RamadanResolutions

Tuaha Sultan @TuahaSultan

Punch someone who tells this joke: He: roza rakha hai? Me: haan He: kahan rakha hai? Almari mein? #RamadanResolutions

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