Islamabad - A new study implicates air pollution as a leading risk factor for stroke worldwide.

Each year around the world, approximately 15 million people have a stroke. Of these, 6 million die and 5 million are left permanently disabled, making stroke the second leading cause of disability. The researchers of this latest study - led by Dr Valery L Feigin, of Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand - say that until now, the effect of modifiable risk factors on the increasing global burden of stroke has been unclear. They found that the 10 leading stroke risk factors around the world were high blood pressure, low fruit intake, high body mass index (BMI), high sodium intake, smoking, low vegetable intake, environmental air pollution , household pollution, low whole grain intake, and high blood sugar.

In detail, the researchers discovered that around 30 percent of disability associated with stroke is linked to air pollution , which is especially high in developing countries compared with developed countries, at 33.7 percent and 10.2 percent, respectively. They also found that over 90 percent of the global burden of stroke is associated with modifiable risk factors. According to the team, control of these risk factors could prevent nearly 75 percent of all strokes They say theirs is the first study to run a detailed analysis on global stroke risk factors, particularly as they relate to stroke burden on global, regional, and national scales.

A stroke occurs when the brain’s blood supply is blocked or when a blood vessel bursts, resulting in a loss of oxygen to the brain that, in turn, injures or kills brain cells. Having a stroke can result in death or permanent disability, including loss of vision or speech, paralysis, and confusion.

Brain cancer not linked with

mobile usage: Study

A recent study has busted the biggest myth about mobile usage. According to the researchers from University of Sydney, mobile usage is nowhere to be associated with brain cancer. The study explains that there is no link between the increasing mobile use and brain cancer. There was no rise found in Australia where there was widespread use of devices. The significant increase in brain cancer was found only in those aging 70 or above.

This increase in incidence at this age group from 1982, and there were no mobile phones at that time. Mobile was introduced in 1987 and so the rise in this deadly disease cannot be explained by it. The likely cause for this rise in the mentioned age group may be the improved diagnosis, researchers suggest.

Researchers also compared the actual incidence of brain cancer over this time with the numbers of new cases of brain cancer that would be expected if the “mobile phones cause brain cancer” hypothesis was true.

The testing model assumed a ten-year lag period from mobile phone use commencement to evidence of a rise in brain cancer cases.

Five foods you should consume in pair

Eating these food items alone will deprive you of lot of health benefits. You should pair them with another food item as well.

Apple with green tea can make a perfect afternoon snack. According to a research, phytochemicals quercetin (found mostly in apples, berries, and onions) and catechin (found in green tea and purple grapes) when combined can prevent blood platelets from clumping together, which if occurs can lead to blood clotting and heart attack.

Onions should be used with bread. Onions have sulfur compounds which increases absorption of zinc, a nutrient important for immunity and would healing. Zinc is found in whole-grains food such as bread. Carrots should be used with avocado. Carrots contain beta-carotene which gives you youthful skin and healthy eyes but it requires fats to be absorbed. Fats are in abundance in avocado. So the combo is just perfect. Banana should be used with milk. Banana is a good source of insulin, a fiber which helps balance ‘good’ bacteria levels in your digestive system.

It enhances calcium absorption which benefits our bones. So, when you add milk with banana you get more absorbed calcium.

Coffee should be used with sugar. It may seem obvious to many of you that coffee is taken with sugar but some people do not do that. They should! According to a new study, when you drink coffee with sugar it makes you more productive.