BAJAUR AGENCY - The tribesmen of Bajaur agency have pledged to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with security forces against the anti-state elements.

They stated this while addressing a protest rally against the drone strikes in Pakistan held here at Khar, the headquarters of Agency.

The rally was jointly organized by several political and religious parties and local traders.

A number of leaders including JUI local chapter Ameer Maulana Abdur Rasheeed, PML-N local chapter General Secretary Gul Kreem Khan, Maulana Ahmad Noor, Maualana Sanullah Khan, Maulana Samiul Haq, Haji Inamullah Khan, Haji Said Badshah and Qari Noor Yousaf addressed the rally.

The speakers strongly condemned the US drone attacks in Balochistan on May 21, adding that the US drone strike had not only violated the sovereignty of Pakistan, but it was also a clear violation of the international laws. They termed the attack in Balochistan a part of US conspiracy to defame Pakistan in international community.