DERA GHAZI KHAN-The Commandant of Border Military Police (BMP) Dera Ghazi Khan has allegedly failed to protect the “corrupt” SHO of Police Station Lakhani for not having evidentiary support in the court of Punjab Ombudsman Lahore.

The Punjab Ombudsman expressed dissatisfaction on the reply of the Commandant BMP and gave a verdict against BMP personal Najibullah Naib Daffaidar.

“The nature of the allegations is quite serious. The denial and controverting of the allegations by Commandant BMP DG Khan does not seem to be in the wake of any inquiry or investigation. Seemingly Commandant BMP DG Khan has gone too far to defend Mr Najibullah Naib Daffaidar. Had it been better that a fair probe should have been launched in order to assess correctness of allegations or otherwise,” the Punjab Ombudsman said in the verdict.

The court also directed complainant Naeem Akhter that the complainant may move an application to Home Secretary Punjab against Mr Najibullah for inquiry into the allegations.

The court directed the competent authority (Home Secretary Punjab) that on receipt of application, if moved by the complainant, should launch an inquiry into the allegation where the parties shall be given fair opportunities of production of evidence. This exercise should be done within reasonable time and suitable decision should be taken by Home Secretary Punjab in the wake of result of inquiry under timely intimation to this office.

The complainant, a resident of Basti Mithwan, Tehsil Taunsa Sharif, had lodged the complaint with the court of the Punjab Ombudsman at DG Khan Office. Facts narrated in brief complaint were that Mr Najibullah asked the complainant to vote for his candidate in the Local Government Election 2015. He demanded Rs100,000 as extortion from the complainant.

On refusal by the complainant, Najibullah brought a few absconders on his vehicles registration numbers N-6423 (Golden color car) and PAC-131 (white colour car) who hurled threats to the complainant, he said. False criminal cases were foisted on the complainant and his 75 years old father Ghulam Qadir along with a foisted criminal case of dacoity and attempt to murder against complainant’s brother namely Naseem Akhtar who was wireless operator/subordinate in BMP DG Khan and complainant’s nephew who was student of 12th class.

The cause of these false criminal cases was only to build pressure on the complainant for withdrawal of complaints against Najibullah. The complainant alleged that Najibullah harbors outlaws and absconders belonging to Punjab, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He (Najib Ullah) and his son Asmatullah are involved in criminal activities, once Asmatullah was arrested but he managed to escape from the hands of law-enforcing agencies due to political intervention and wealth.

Complainant also blamed in the case that Najibullah made assets of millions of rupees including a bungalow worth Rs6 million at Taunsa Sharif city and two double cabins worth Rs3.5 million and lived a lavish life beyond his income. His sons are getting costly education in institutes where they spend heavy amounts.

Talking to The Nation, an officer of BMP with request of anonymity said that weaknesses like old service structure, poor control and command system, the culture of bribe, lack of punishment, transfer and posting on smuggling routes with bribe bargaining, illegal demands for money by BMP line officer in the name of high-ups, out of turn posting and easy ways to make a big deal with smugglers, criminals including transporters, corruption have prevailed in BMP DG Khan. Therefore, it is norms of corrupt mafia that they protect absconders and criminals.