Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Government has fixed the budget for Transgender community. KP Finance Minister Muzaffar Syed presented the budget of 505 billion for 2016-17. An amount of 200 million rupees has been fixed for the Transgender community from the KP budget.

“This has come as a ‘break through’ after all these people have suffered,” Qamar Naseem said, spokesperson of Transgender Rights and a co-founder of Blue Veins, while speaking to The Nation. He further said, “We have worked very hard to achieve this victory. We lost 46 transgender in this battle. Hopefully now their needs will be fulfilled and they would be given better living standards. I must thank the KP government, especially KP Information Minister Mushtaq Ghani for standing firm on his promise.”

Trans Action Alliance has been very active in KP to get the right of transgenders.

Farzana Jan, the president of Shemale Association of KP spoke to The Nation regarding the allotment from the KP Budget, We are very thankful to the government. There are about 1800 transgender in Peshawar and around 50 thousand in KP, they all need to get their rights. Each one of them has a talent which they can use to earn a respectable living in this society. This budget can now be used for our treatments in the hospitals, education and security.”

Regarding Kashi, the transgender who was shot multiple times in Manserah, Farzana said “these extortionist gangs barge into our homes and rape us, demand money take away all our earnings, we need protection. Last month we lost Alisha this month Kashi has been shot and she is under treatment. The police has not taken any action on it yet.”

Transgenders are a marginalized community in Pakistan, without NADRA cards. Recently the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics announced to include transgenders in the upcoming census too.