MANDI BAHAUDDIN-The land record of Chak 51, Wasu, Shahidanwali, Kadhanwala and Pindi here has not yet been computerised thereby helping the land mafia to grab small famers’ land.

Small land owners have no access to land related information. The land of the abovementioned villages is very costly and the mafia in collusion with revenue staff change revenue record entries and illegally occupy the land of the small land owners, said Imran Aslam, a resident of Chak 51, said.

In several cases, false transactions and mutations have been registered, Imran said, adding that widows and orphans are the main victims of revenue officials. He said residents and land holders of Chak 51 and its neighbouring villages called upon Punjab chief minister to direct the revenue authorities to computerise land record of these villages and save them from fraud of revenue officials and mafia.



Ex-servicemen in a meeting of the Pakistan Ex-Servicemen Society (PESS) complained that old veterans were being neglected by the government.

PESS District President Sher Gondal said old veterans’ demand for “one rank one pension” was not accepted by the government despite the fact Federal Shariat Court decided the issue in favour of ex-servicemen. After 1994, increase in commuted pension was stopped and it was made only on drawn pension, he regretted. Under the policy, difference between pension of older and fresh pensioners increased and now the gap is un-proportional. He demanded if the government was not willing to implement “one rank one pension” policy, it should at least consider increasing commuted portion of pension and its benefits should be reimbursed to the pensioners. He also pointed out that children of those army pensioners whose retirement period exceeds 25 years on closing date of application by GHQ are not eligible for admission in Army Medical College. This condition is against natural justice, he added. He demanded removal of this condition saying that children of all ex-servicemen should be admitted on merit and length of retirement period should not be made hurdle in their way.

The meeting through a unanimous resolution called on GHQ to consider their demands for acceptance.