PESHAWAR - Provincial legislator of PTI Fazl-i-Elahi has blamed Hayatabad police for arresting innocent people by conducting raids.

He demanded immediate transfer of ASP Hayatabad, otherwise threatened a sit-in outside assembly building on Tuesday.

Addressing a news conference here at Peshawar Press Club on Monday, MPA Fazl-i-Elahi said he did complain to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Chief Minister Pervez Khattak, Capital City Police Officer Mubarak Zeb against the ASP Hayatabad Hassan Afzal, but any action has yet to be taken against him.

He informed that five days back a police party headed by the ASP Hayatabad had conducted several raids in Hazarkhwani area and arrested many people. Two of them including Khalid and Pervez were still in police custody without lodging any FIR against them.

However, when contacted the concerned ASP, said that he had conducted the raid in Hazarkhwani on directives of the SSP (Operations) to arrest an accused known as Malangy.

“As per police record the accused is involved in over one dozen cases of murder, target killings, but certain political activists helped him flee through backdoor at the time of the raid,” he said.

He denied having anyone in custody, saying that all suspects were set free soon after the raid and his high-ups knew well about the action.

He claimed that there was a gang in Hazarkhwani which was also involved in the target killings which took place in Peshawar city.

Accompanied by dozens of people belonging to Khalil, Mohmand and Afridi tribes, the MPA accused ASP Hayatabad of conducting raids on houses of innocent people beyond his jurisdictions, and demanded of government to immediately transfer him, otherwise, threatened to hold a protest sit-in outside Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly building.

“The ASP has conducted several raids in different localities, especially in Sarband and arrested innocent people, but no action was taken against him,” he said.

He also alleged the involvement of official in firing on a motorcar in Hayatabad recently, wherein one person was killed and another got wounded.

About the two youngsters allegedly in police custody, the lawmaker said he feared they would either be disappeared or implicated in false cases.

“We have raised moral of police and the police force deserves appreciation but the people like Hayatabad ASP are tarnishing the image of the entire force,” he said.