LAHORE - Rejecting the budget proposals for fiscal year 2016-17, Punjab Assembly Opposition said it was a complete failure offering nothing to the working class.

Punjab Assembly Opposition Leader Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed and his colleagues from PML-Q leader Waqas Moakal, PPP leader Faiza Malik and JI leader Dr Waseem Akhtar rejecting the budget proposals said it is a blend of lies and false promises carrying no benefit for the working classes.

The provincial budget can be called part-2 of the federal budget which comprises statements based on lies with regard to fiscal proposals for 2016-17 and concluding financial year, they added.

Provincial government has failed utilise 37.65 percent development budget for the concluding fiscal of 2015-16, said the opposition parties’ leaders.

The government had utilized 52, 28, 38, 41, 49, 31, 58 and 52 percent for the departments of primary and secondary education, higher education, health, local government, irrigation, energy, agriculture and provision of clean drinking projects respectively from 2015-16 concluding fiscal.  An amount of Rs 3 billion fixed for Kidney Liver Institute could not be utilized fully and only Rs 1.7 billion used from this fund, they added.

In the vital field of agriculture to provide agriculture equipment assistance to farmers, only 10 percent amount was utilized from Rs 1 billion. An amount of Rs 23 billion was fixed for New Khanke Barrage but only Rs 3 billion was used, while only nine percent of Rs 4 billion development budget was utilized for police department, said the opposition parties’ leaders.

Meager allocation for the local government in the proposal for 2016-17 fiscal year shows that the ruling party has no interest in democracy at grass root level, they added.

Increasing allocations for the police department seems reward by government for escalating crimes in the province.  The allocations for health, education and south Punjab are too small to deal with the progress of three areas. The only priority of the provincial government is Orange Line and Metros which cannot bring changes in the life of people, said the opposition parties’ leaders.