The aftereffect of the issue of arrested Indian spy “Kulbhushan Yadav” is absolute silence from the rows of our government on this matter. The story which had created a hyke in Pakistani and Indian media is now seemed to be disguise as the government hadn’t given it the worth which it desrved. Ministers and officials which were yelling that they would take the matter to UN and would talk with Indian government on the issue are now conducting press conferences to defend the Nawaz Sharif and his family over the panama leaks scandle and this issue is gradually losing its importance. On the other hand, a perception is building that the whole issue was just a cracker to destroy the recent developments in Indo Pak relations and Nawaz government is completely just to show the stillness over the matter as it can adversely affect the diplomatic relations between the two countries. 

So, if India can seek the help of Pakistani officials over the Pathankot attacks, why can’t we talk about this case with Indian officials. As the issue of RAW carrying terrorist activities and funding anti state elements in Pakistan has created a chaos in the country and people want to see some development in this case. 


Karachi, April 21.