LAHORE: In less than 48 hours, Punjab Food Authority confiscated huge pile of fake ketchup packets from two different factories that were manufacturing the ketchup using chemicals and without pulp.

On Wednesday PFA seized 10,000 litres fake ketchup packets from Ajwa Foods Ketchup production unit located at residential area of Samanabad.

It is the second time that such a huge amount of fake and substandard Ketchups are confiscated in less than two days. PFA director operations Rafia Haider said that on information provided by the PFA vigilance cell raided the factory and upon finding the sub standard and mosaic of fake colours, chemicals were being used in manufacturing in ketchups.

The ketchup production unit was operational in residential area of Samanabad. The surging trend of establishing commercial businesses in residential areas itself is an eye opener and this case alone revealed the fact that authorities concerned are not fulfilling their due role.

Ketchup is an essential item used with fries, pizza, beans on toast, sausage sandwiches, and is served at almost every food outlet in the city of foodies, Lahore.

Adding insult to injury when PFA teams raided the factory the raw material was being shifted into the dirty blue drums keeping no safety and health measures taken and exposed to flies in an open environment.  The sample test of Ketchup was unsatisfactory as per reports and on the initial information of vigilance cell the factory was traced and sealed.

Prior to this, PFA on Sunday carried out a raid at a ketchup factory - Punjab Foods Products - and disposed off 8,000 litres of substandard ketchup at Madinah Park near Ruhi Nullah.

The factory, which was operational since 2010, was operating under unhygienic conditions. During the raid, the PFA team found out that the most essential item of the ketchup - tomato - was not being used for the preparation but the chemicals and starch.

An FIR was lodged against the factory owner and he was arrested from the spot. The PFA teams also disposed off all the substandard ketchup on the spot.

During last few years, few factories in Lahore were sealed over the usage of the rotten tomatoes to make ketchup but the ketchup production unit that was sealed on Sunday was using chemical only.

PFA Director (Operations) Rafia Haider said that PFA teams raided the ketchup production cell on information of vigilance cell. The ketchup production unit was involved in also labeling different brands names on substandard ketchup packets, she told the media.

She vowed to continue the crackdown against the mafia that has been playing with the lives of citizens to make profit.

Last week was itself an eye opener for citizens of Lahore as 1.1 million rotten eggs worth Rs15 million confiscated and disposed off from the spot. PFA spokesman told The Nation with new system introduced by PFA we are vigilantly checking the food industries and no one will be allowed to loot or deceive the citizens.