LAHORE -  Hundreds of families in Ittehad Colony of Lesco’s Samanabad division have been ‘living in hell’ due to absence of electricity for hours in the area.

The residents repeatedly lodged complaints in local subdivision and complaint centre besides holding protests of worst power fluctuation and tripping in the locality but officials of Lahore Electric Supply Company have truned a deaf ear to their grievances.

“We are in worst condition especially since the start of holy month. The power transformer of the Ittehad Colony is in decaying condition, causing electricity tripping and low voltage issue throughout the day and night especially during the time of sehar and iftar,” said Muhammad Riaz, a local resident.

The families also highlighted the issue of the shortage of water in homes, saying that even the faithful faced water shortage in local newly constructed mosque. They said that dozens of home appliances were burnt due to tripping and low-voltage issue.

The residents have appealed to the Lesco chief, Samanabad XEN and Ittehad Colony SDO to address their issue and replace the transformer of the colony so that they could take a sigh of relief in scorching heat.