An accountability court in Peshawar has issued arrest warrants of three female Chinese directors of a mining company, Tuny Pak Mineral Private Limited, after they failed to appear in a case of alleged smuggling of a chemical substance antimony. This highlights how easy it is for foreign individuals to enter the state and act according to their own will and then disappear without consequence.

However, the federal government on Monday decided to review and strictly regulate its visa policy for Chinese. This was not because of any corrupt activities being witnessed but due to the recent abduction and killing of two Chinese nationals in Balochistan, which was claimed by IS.

In response to the situation, the interior ministry has announced the Chinese visa policy to be streamlined. Visa applications will be carefully reviewed to gather all the necessary information, and it will be ensured that no one violates the terms and conditions of the visa granted to them. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) will be involved in the process to create a databank of the Chinese nationals present in various parts of the country.

While this is all fine, and the only concern here is why wasn’t this being done anyway, one wonders what anyone is doing about the original problem of IS killing foreign nationals on our soil? While it is a necessary move to for the benefit of the country, it is inexplicable that the Interior Ministry is linking the murder of the Chinese nationals in Quetta to the proposed changes in the visa policy.

Is this just a gimmick to cover up the absence of state’s writ in the province of Balochistan and the growing influence of IS in the region? This is not the first time that an abduction has taken place in the province. Nor is this the first terrorist attempt. The reason why the story caught the attention of mainstream media was because foreign nationals were involved and the Chinese government pushed for answers. Does the Interior Ministry not see how this will look to China? That two Chinese were killed, and then Pakistani officials blamed them for their own death, citing that they abused their visa requirement?

Yes, we can admit that the influx of Chinese citizens will bring opportunists and new brands of corruption, but that was expected. What is also expected is a fool-proof law and order situation to protect locals as well as foreigners.