ISLAMABAD: Hussain Nawaz, the son of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, will give his response on the Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT)’s report over ‘impediments’ faced by it as well as leaking of Hussain’s interrogation picture in the Supreme Court today.

At the previous hearing on Monday, the special implementation bench of the court had directed Hussain’s counsel, Khawaja Harris, to seek the report which had been submitted by the JIT after the petitioner approached the court against the leaking of his picture. The report also included ‘impediments’ faced by the JIT in its investigation of the Sharif family’s financial dealings, as ordered by the court earlier.

The attorney general is also said to submit his response to the JIT’s charges of interference today, along with some or all of the departments relevant.

Since Monday’s hearing, the JIT report was leaked to the media and started controversy as it pointed fingers at the petitioner for having bad intentions and Multiple government organizations of creating obstacles in the high-profile investigation by messing with the records and threatening the witnesses as well as the investigators.

The report posed the Prime Minister House, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Federal Board of Revenue, Ministry of Law, Intelligence Bureau and National Accountability Bureau in a demonizing way by accusing them of impeding the investigation in various ways.

In regard to the leaking of Hussain’s picture, the JIT stated it took action within 24 hours of the picture’s spreading in the media. It stated that necessary action was taken against the official responsible for the leak, who was sent to his parent department and punished accordingly.