LAHORE: The joint investigation team (JIT) investigating the offshore possessions of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his children has called upon his younger brother, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, to stand before it on June 17, Saturday.

Headed by Federal Investigation Agency’s Additional Director Wajid Zia, Mr. Shahbaz will appear before the six-member JIT, two days after the prime minister’s slated appearance.

Mr Shahbaz has been requested to bring with him relevant record/documents/material related to the Panama Papers case.

A spokesman for the Punjab government told a local newspaper that the chief minister had yet to receive the JIT summons.

The JIT’s summons to Mr Shahbaz was released on the day when his close advisor and Punjab Law Minister Rana Sana­ullah said that the joint investigation team should call Mr Shahbaz if it wanted to do a Ph.D. and write a thesis on the Sharif family.

“The JIT should invite CM Shahbaz as he will provide every detail it is seeking,” he stated.

Additionally upon talking to the reporters, the minister said the chief minister would not have any issues with “lengthy interrogation sessions”

“The JIT should also reveal who leaked Hussain Nawaz’s picture and which institution he belonged to and as to why it did not register an FIR against him,” he requested.

“We have not asked PML-N workers to gather on the arrival of the prime minister before the JIT on Thursday,” Mr Sanaullah said.