QUETTA: Pakistan and Afghanistan military officials agreed to resolve the issue of border villages in a flag meeting held in the Afghan border town Vesh Mandi of Spin Buldak district.

It was decided that negotiations will be held after Eidul Fitr. 

According to sources, both sides agreed to resolve the issue after the armed clashes at the Chaman border that took place after Afghanistan created a controversy about the two villages. 

Yesterday's meeting was the first to be held in the Afghanistan district, and was attended by Commander North Brigadier Nadeem Sohail and Colonel Usman of Frontier Corps from the Pakistani side, and by Col Muhammad Sharif and Col Muhammad Anwar of the Afghan army. 

Other topics, like raising barbed wires around two Pakistani border villages Killi Luqman and Killi Jahangir, were also discussed, sources said.

Another flag meeting to be held after Ramazan will resolve the issue once for all.

According to sources, Afghan officials objected to the barbed wiring of the aforementioned villages. Pakistani officials said that the issue would be resolved at the Islamabad and Kabul level.

Pakistan border authorities arranged an Iftar party in the honour of Afghan border officials at the Friendship Gate and presented them with flowers and sweets.